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Welcome to Matbronze

Matbronze is an art gallery and foundry in Kenya, founded in 1987 by Kenyan artist,

Denis Mathews.

We're snuggled away among a small forest of trees, with a beautiful green garden and bronze art depicting all sorts of wildlife around Kenya.

You can meander around our art galleries, or sit and have a quiet coffee in our restaurant...

(our signature paw-printed coffees are bound to put a smile on your face!)

We're excited to show more about what we're up to, and keep more connected with you, as we post updates and stories.


we're anticipating a new deck room that Denis has been building in the corner of our garden! (Dubbed the 'Yoga Palace' by some...)

and we're also looking forward to introducing a new silver jewelry line, called Safaria...

So feel free to stop by and pay us a visit,

and thank you for following our journey!


the Matbronze Team

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