​Our family believes in supporting Africa's unique wildlife through our art. With our creativity and keen attention to detail, we hope that our hand-crafted bronze sculptures will provide you with a genuine feel of Africa.

History and Heritage


Extended Family history:

When the family moved to Kenya?

Why the family moved to Kenya?

Who the family was?

Where did they base themselves?

What they did out there? (safari guides?)

Touch on the The Calinin diamond story would be cool? The Opposite map should be a picture of the old hand drawn map of kenya? 

When was your first Safari? What did your parents do? (pictures of early day safaris)

When did you and Mum meet?

When did you and Mum get Married?

What was the first bronze piece you gave mum and When?

When did Tom get hit by a Rhino?

When did we getCheeta cubs?

Why did we get Cheeta Cubs?

When did we release them into the wild?

When did you soreboys paw print? The next-door lions?

When did glen hit the crocodile on the nose?

When did you catch your first python/longest python? Puff-adder? 

(Pictures of any of the above would be awesssommmee)

Old Map

Old Map Of Kenya/Africa



Start of Matbronze:

When did you start Matbronze?

Why did you start Matbronze?

Who? - Talk about yourself, did you have any experience with bronze pouring? how did you learn to cast pieces?

Was it just you at the start or did you employ some people to help you pour? 

Where did you start Matbronze

What was Matbronze like at the start? did you have a gallery? Any buildings you built when founding the foundry? 

Any pictures of the old days? the foundry at the start or of you and mum around the time wen the foundry was started?


First Pieces and Key pieces:

When did you make your first Pieces?

What was the first piece mum made and when?

When did Esenya make her first piece? 

Who did you make them for?  Were your first customers people on safari?

When was your first exhibition? What was the foundry like at that time? - how big was it?

What would you say your key pieces are?

e.g When did you make the kata-kamba head? The Sala Hippo? The Big Marlin? The Mamba crocodile? The gerenuk? The fish eagle? The pangolin? etc (pictures of you making them if possible?)



Gallery and Foundry Extensions/:

What main additions have been done to the foundry and when?


added galleries?



What is the current state of the foundry? How many employees?

Latest greatest pieces?