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Our Eco Environment

Art and beauty, but friendly to the environment.

At Matbronze, we strive to remain as eco-friendly and sustainable as we can -

it's a must in our daily ethos! So here is a list of our current environmental aspects

(and see see below for our future goals!)

What we currently do well:

  1. We have 35 kilowatts of solar panels on our roof.

  2. We recycle our ceramic shells (the ceramic that covers the wax when we do bronze pours) from the 3rd to the 8th coat. Usually ceramic shells are dumped, but we sieve and reuse our ceramic after breaking the molds open.

  3. We recently changed from a fossil-fuel burning kiln, to a wood-burning kiln, as we get enough wood on our own property from fallen tree branches.

  4. We recycle our old crucibles (which are usually thrown away) into garden flowerpots!

  5. We make a lot of our own compost - through our restaurant's leftovers - and use guinea-fowl to siv, eat and churn up the compost.

  6. When we trim our trees to let sunlight in, we use the branches to make our stools, chairs & tables. We make a lot of our own furniture, and therefore are carbon-fixing.

  7. Most foundries burn out their wax, which means they have to order more. We steam our wax and re-use it.

  8. We have a greenhouse for our restaurant, where we grow most of our own vegetables.

  9. We collect rainwater off the roof, and have water storage of about 200,000 litres.

  10. We use solar-powered hot water.

  11. All our bulbs are energy-saving bulbs.

  12. We recycle our glass bottles to make our restaurant glasses.

  13. We recycle any plastic food packaging and use it in our foundry as trays, dishes and containers to hold things.

  14. Some of our proceeds go to helping conservation teams in Kenya.


  1. Totally environmentally-friendly packaging: we are in the midst of changing our bronze gift-packaging to be entirely filled with recycled cardboard instead of foam, in the aim to make our boxes and packaging completely environmentally-friendly.

  2. Our own free range eggs: we've already built a large chicken coup, in the hopes to have our own free range eggs that we can supply our restaurant from.

  3. We've ordered a Tesla Cybertruck: to help with collecting our materials using an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

  4. Cybertruck-powered: we hope to order more of these eco-friendly vehicles, and run our foundry off just cybertrucks and solar panels.

We aren't perfect, but we do try.

Let us know of any ideas or advice you have!


the Matbronze Team


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